ARCHIVE: Schoology Release Notes Q3 2014: Web


September 12th

New Features

Spanish Keyboard in Quizzes

 Spanish language students can access a built-in pop up keyboard that includes the most commonly used Spanish characters.


Merge Duplicate Sections

System Admins can now merge duplicate sections for instructors in their schools. Duplicate course sections may happen when Schoology is synced with an SIS and new duplicate courses are created in addition to ones that instructors have already made.

Edit Links and Link Settings in Courses & Resources

Links are now editable in the same way as other materials—Select Edit from the gear icon next to the link you want to edit and change the URL, title, or advanced features.

August 23rd

New Features

Folder Updates: Choose Colors + Rich Text Editor

Educators can now choose different colors for their course folders, and format folder descriptions with a rich text editor.

Limited Rich Text Editor on Updates and Discussions

Educators and students now have a limited set of rich text tools available when posting updates or discussion responses, including:

  • Bold, Italic, and Underline text formats
  • Bulleted and numbered lists
  • Spellcheck

Random Quiz Question Banks

When creating a quiz or test, instructors may now pull a random selection of questions from multiple question banks.
You can access the randomized questions feature from the Questions tab on any test or quiz.
Providing a randomly-selected set of questions for each student
taking the quiz is useful to:

  • Maintain the integrity of the assessment from period to period.
  • Simulate a high stakes environment.
  • Ensure valid results from each student.


Reminders for Resubmitted Assignments

Instructors will receive reminders in both the Course and the Recent Activity area when a student resubmits an assignment.

Once the instructor views the resubmitted assignment, the status is removed.

Ability to Set School Default Language (Enterprise only)

When a school’s default language is set, all new users added to that school will automatically be set to the selected language.

Materials Filter

  1. Materials Index
  2. Materials Filter

The Materials Index is being replaced by a Materials Filter.

This is an optional feature—users can still keep the existing Materials Index. However, once users opt in for the Materials Filter, they will not be able to go back to their previous Materials organization.

This change makes it easier to create and organize your course materials, and for other users to locate those materials later.

Additionally, with this change you can know create materials at the root level of a course.

Read the Schoology Blog for more information.

Improvements to the Import Users and Import Course Enrollment Areas

  • When importing users and course enrollments, administrators can map values directly from their spreadsheets.
  • To use this enhancement, select Use Import File in one of the drop-down menues.
  • Users can now map Schoology import values to the existing values in their spreadsheet, rather than updating the spreadsheet to match the Schoology values.

Bulk Import of Web Content, SCORM, Blackboard and Moodle Packages (Enterprise only)

Users can now import multiple types of content in bulk rather than individually.

Set Course Level SCORM Properties (Enterprise only)

Previously, upon import of SCORM packages, Schoology users had to manually edit the properties for each SCORM package in a course. With this enhancement, SCORM properties are automatically imported with the package, as well.

To configure this feature, just check the Enable SCORM Course Settings box on the SCORM Settings tab from Edit Course.

Automating this process saves users time and effort and increases the efficiency of the platform.




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