How Do I Prepare My PowerSchool Integration for the New School Year?


This article covers how to prepare your PowerSchool integration in Schoology to rollover your Users, Courses, and Enrollments data and ensure that it syncs correctly for the next school year.

When the current school year ends:

  1. Review who is currently listed as the Acting User in the PowerSchool system-level app.  This is the person who is able to make changes to the app configuration.  Make sure the Acting User is a current member of your organization (not deactivated) and that he or she has the role of System Admin in Schoology. As a best practice, designate only one person to handle the SIS App configuration.
  2. Once the year ends, set your data syncing option to Manual if it isn’t already.  This stops the data sync until you are ready.

Once you have completed the rollover of your data in PowerSchool, prepare your PowerSchool Integration and roll over your terms in Schoology for the new school year:

  1. On the Configuration tab of your PowerSchool management page, go to the PowerSchool Active Year section.
  2. Select the upcoming school year, click Save Active Year, and then click Set Active Year in the pop-up window.

  1. Click the Terms tab and open the school that you want to sync.
  2. Select Create new grading period in the Schoology Grading Periods drop-down menu and click Save Changes.

If you have already created grading periods in Schoology prior to completing this process, be sure you select the grading period for the upcoming school year in the Schoology Grading Periods menu.

  • Setting the active year will stop syncing changes to users, courses, sections, and enrollments from the previous school year, and will only bring in information for the active school year. This will not remove data synced from previous school years - graduated or inactive students and archived courses will remain in Schoology. Click here for instructions on how to mark students as inactive.
  • If terms are not updated as expected when you click in the Terms tab, click the Refresh Data button in the upper-right corner of the page.



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