Bulk Import Web Content, SCORM, Blackboard Packages, and Moodle Packages (Enterprise)


Bulk Import Web Content, SCORM, Blackboard Packages, and Moodle Packages (Enterprise)

Schoology provides the functionality to bulk import your Web Content, SCORM, Blackboard packages, and Moodle packages.

Note: Schoology is optimized to process imports and exports (auto or manual) most quickly between the hours of 7pm to 6am Eastern Time (ET) from Monday to Sunday. Imports or exports that are run outside of this window will be slower to complete. Schoology strongly recommends performing or scheduling all imports, exports, and bulk deletions during this time frame, including manual imports as well as scheduled auto-imports, for optimal performance.

Step 1: Prepare your Files and Verify your SFTP Server

  1. Organize your course files and content to prepare for your import.
    Note: For large migrations, Schoology recommends separating courses by subject.
  2. Connect with your Schoology Team to acquire Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) credentials.


  1. Click Tools.
  2. Select School Management.
  3. Click Import on the left.
  4. Click the Resources Tab.


  1. If you haven’t yet configured your SFTP server, enter the required information:
    • Host
    • Username
    • Port
    • Password


  1. Confirm access to the server, and then organize the course files in a series of folders.
    Make sure that there is a clear and concise naming structure in place for your folders. The names of your files will become the name for the Groups in which you will eventually place the content for distribution on your Schoology platform.

Step 2: Import your Content


  1. Select which Content Type to import:
    • Blackboard
    • Moodle
    • SCORM
    • Common Cartridge (IMSCC v1.2)
    • Standard ZIP file
    • QTI
    • Web content
    • Angel
  • The Common Cartridge Bulk Import option is used for organizations importing PowerSchool Learning content only.
  • When importing packages from Blackboard, QTI, or Moodle, Schoology supports these question types:
    • Multiple Choice
    • Matching
    • Short Response
    • Multiple Answer
    • Ordering
    • Fill in the Blank
    • Opinion Scale
    • True/False
    • Fill in the Blank
    • Fill in the Blank Plus
    • Either/Or
    • Essay


  1. To import into an existing collection:
    1. Within Import To: Select Existing collection.
    2. Choose the collection to which you want to import.
    3. Create a New Folder Title within the Content Migration Group folder that matches the folder you are importing within the SFTP Server.



  1. Type in the full path directory that corresponds to the exact language on the SFTP Server. Click Find before you go any further. A green check mark confirms that you are connected to the SFTP Server.
    Note: If you are having trouble connecting to the SFTP server, check your firewall settings, or try logging out and back in to Schoology.
  2. Confirm you’ve selected Import all files in path and then click Import.

Step 3: Tracking & Status Log

  1. Schoology automatically places these imported files into a new ARCHIVED folder on the SFTP Server so you can track which courses you have already imported. Schoology does not import files in subfolders in the SFTP, so if you want to re-import the files you have to either write out the path to the ARCHIVED folder or move files out of that folder.


  1. After the import runs, you should have a group of courses in the correctly named folder within the group.


  1. If you need to adjust the courses in the folders, you can move course files in bulk by selecting multiple files and using the Move To option under Edit in the top-left corner of Group Resources


  1. Once the course files are in the appropriate folders, go to the course Members area and click Add Members to add the instructors or system admins who will be using content from this group.




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