Private Access Only Message


Why does this message appear?

If you encounter a message that reads Private Access Only, the area you'd like to view may not be currently accessible for your Schoology account. This Private Access Only message might appear in the following areas of Schoology:

How do I resolve the issue?

User profiles

If the issue occurs when trying to access someone's user profile, the user in question must adjust their privacy settings. Users can adjust their privacy setting from their Account Privacy Settings.

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Courses and Groups

If the issue occurs when trying to access a course or group, make sure you're a member of the course or group, or speak with the instructor check the privacy settings at the course/group level.

Course and Group Admin can adjust Privacy Settings by clicking Course Options or Group Options on the left menu of the course/group profile. The area to adjust settings is located in the Edit Privacy/Course Settings.

Depending on the settings in place at an Enterprise school, users may encounter a Private Access Only message when trying to access a course that has ended, or when trying to access a course from which they've been un-enrolled. 

System Administrators can also adjust Privacy Settings from School Management: Privacy Overrides.

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Parent View

When parents encounter a Private Access Only message from their parent account, it's likely they are trying to view a page from their personal account, rather than the child activity view. Parents can switch into their child's view of Schoology by following these steps:

  1. Click the down-facing arrow on the top right Schoology.
  2. Below their own name, parents should see the name of the child(ren) associated with their account. To view the activity of a particular child, click on the child's name from the drop-down menu.

Parents can set the default view they'd like to see upon logging into Schoology by clicking Settings in the drop-down menu, adjusting the Set Your Default Account field, and clicking Save Changes at the bottom of the page.


If you have an issue with a Private Access Only message that you'd like to report to Schoology, you can submit a ticket to reach our Support Team.

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