Import Group Enrollments with a CSV/XLS File (Enterprise)


Importing Group Enrollments

Enroll users into existing groups at your organization from the Group Enrollments tab on the Import page. You can only enroll members into one group at a time.


  • Schoology is optimized to process imports and exports (auto or manual) most quickly between the hours of 7pm to 6am Eastern Time (ET) from Monday to Sunday. Imports or exports that are run outside of this window will be slower to complete. Schoology strongly recommends performing or scheduling all imports, exports, and bulk deletions during this time frame, including manual imports as well as scheduled Auto-Imports, for optimal performance.
  • Media album tags are not supported in groups containing more than 1,000 members.

Step 1—Select file

The XLS or CSV file for import must contain the following column:

  • User Unique ID
Note: Make sure the users in your school have a User Unique ID, which you can add from the Edit Users area of Manage Users. This is usually a school ID or SIS ID.

If you are enrolling a large group of users, but don't have a list of the users to add on hand, you can export a CSV of all users in your organization from Export > Users. Then, filter the exported CSV to include only the specific users who need to be enrolled in the group. We recommend including the following fields in the export of users to help this process:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • User Unique ID
  • Role
  • Building 

Enrollment Type

The Enrollment Type designated in this field will determine whether the user is a member of a group, or an admin of a group.


Alternatively, you can select Use Import File and add an Enrollment Type column to your file. Using 1 for Group Admin or 2 for Group Member, the import will associate users to a particular Enrollment Type based on their designation in the file.



Select the Group into which you’d like to enroll users. You can only enroll users to one group at a time. Any groups within your organization will appear in this list. Learn more about creating Groups here.


Clear Existing Enrollments Before Import

Selecting this option will clear existing enrollment in the group, and replace admin and members with users from the XLS or CSV file. When a user is cleared, adding the same user back into the group will restore content created by that user in the group.


Note: To clear only the admins in the group, import a file for the Enrollment Type, Admin. To clear only the members of the group, import a file for the Enrollment Type, Member. If you selected Use Import File, then both admins and members of the group not listed in the file will be cleared. 

Select File

Select the XLS or CSV file that contains the enrollment information for import. There is a file limit of 10 GB/file. 


Click Upload File to continue to the next step.

Step 2—Match Columns

In the second step of the import process, you can match the information listed in each column to add users to groups in Schoology.

  1. If the first row of your XLS or CSV file contains headers, select First row contains headers.
  2. Match each Schoology Field to a column in the XLS or CSV file.
  3. Once each field is matched to the appropriate column, click Preview for an overview of enrollment information.


Click Preview to continue to the next step.

Step 3—Preview/Confirm

If you see a yellow error message at the top of the screen that begins, "The following unique user IDs were not found in the system," then there may be users in your file that do not have matching Unique IDs in your organization. Check the information listed in Edit Users, and if needed, adjust your import file. Once all conflicts are resolved, restart the import process again from Step 1 above.


When the Preview/Confirm response looks correct, click Confirm to complete the import process for Group Enrollments. You will receive a green banner at the top of the Group Import Enrollments page upon success.




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