Private Information Message


Why does this message appear?

If you encounter a message that reads Private Information, the information in the area you're trying to access may not be available for your Schoology account. This Private Information message might appear in the following profiles:

  • User profiles
  • Course profiles
  • Group profiles
  • School profiles

The settings that determine the kind of information available to other users are set in the User, Course, Group, and School Privacy Settings areas, respectively. For example, in the image below, the user has set the privacy setting for her user profile to "Schoology Users." This privacy setting indicates that any Schoology user can click on her name and view her profile.

However, the user has set the remainder of the privacy setting to "School." Thus, if a Schoology user in her school clicks on her user profile, he'll see her profile without any issue. If a Schoology user outside of her school clicks on her user profile, he'll see a Private Information message in place of the profile content.

Where can I change Privacy Settings for my user account?

To change adjust the Privacy Settings for your personal user account, click on the down-facing arrow at the top right of Schoology, select Settings from the drop-down menu, and navigate to the Privacy Settings tab.

Where can I change the Privacy Settings for my courses and groups?

To adjust the Privacy Settings for your course or group, click on the Course or Group Options area on the left menu of the course/group profile. Select the option to Edit Privacy/Course Settings.

Where can I change Privacy Settings for my school (Enterprise)?

The ability to set privacy settings at the school level is only available to System Administrators (Enterprise). To adjust privacy settings at the organization-level, click Tools at the top of the page, select School Management from the drop-down menu, and navigate to the Privacy Overrides area.



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