PowerSchool Assignment displays a Not Synced error message (Enterprise)



If you have the PowerSchool app installed to your course, and a graded item hasn't synced with PowerSchool, you may encounter an error message: You have multiple grading categories in PowerSchool that share the same name. Please navigate to our help center article to resolve the issue with Pearson

This issue occurs when there are two grading categories in PowerSchool that share the same name when there should only be one grading category. That is, there had been an issue on PowerSchool's end that had allowed the creation of two grading categories with the same name.



There are two paths, but either way, we recommend contacting PowerSchool about this issue so that it does not happen again.

  • Contact PowerSchool and ask them to fix this issue for you. The issue is that somehow, there are two categories in the database for categories while only one shows up in the PowerSchool Gradebook. This is an issue because the API tries to create an assignment with the same category name and returns an error from the Oracle database that says "Error - Got more than one result - resultSize=2."
  • You can work with your PowerSchool admin to modify the category title and abbreviation in the database so that you do not have duplicates (you can also delete the duplicate, but we do not recommend deleting anything, since it's an irreversible action). The procedure to modify the duplicate category is listed below:
    1. First, go into the PowerTeacher Gradebook for each of the affected sections.
    2. Once in the section, find the duplicate category and change both the name and the abbreviation to something that will stand out (e.g., append "Active").
    3. Once you have appended, or added, something that will make the difference obvious, go into DDA (Direct Database Access) and find the category that is not the one you had altered (since the one you had altered is the active grading category in the Gradebook). Once you've found the duplicate (and unused) category (e.g., the one that does not have "Active"), go ahead and modify that record to change both the Name and Abbreviation to something unique (e.g., append "Unused").

When you've reached a resolution, the graded items and grades should synchronize.



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