Sorry, you are not allowed to merge subscribed accounts into this account



What does this message mean?

This message appears when trying to merge an administered account (Enterprise) into another account. Since the System Admin (Enterprise) of the school manages your account, you must work with the System Admin to move content from the administered account into your new account.

What should I do?

If your goal is for the Basic account to be your primary account, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to the administered account.
  2. Save your courses to Resources.
  3. Share your resources from the administered account to the new account.
  4. Then, work with the System Admin of the administered school to delete your previous account.

If your goal is for the administered account to be your primary account, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to the administered account with the username or email address and password given to you by the System Admin.
  2. Navigate to Account Settings, located in the down-facing arrow on the upper right corner of Schoology.
  3. Click the option to Merge Accounts.
  4. Enter the login credentials of your Basic account.
  5. Click Validate Account to complete.
Note: Merging an account will delete the merged account, but the you'll will retain access to your created content. After the merge, you can login using the login credentials listed in your school account.

Who is my System Admin?

If you're not sure how to locate the System Administrator of your Enterprise account, please see this article for more information.

I can't login to my previous account

If you experience difficulty logging into your previous account, you may reset your password by clicking on the Forget your password link, and login to the account associated with your email address. Please note that you must have an email address associated with your Schoology account in order to reset your password. If you have additional questions, you can submit a ticket to our Support Team.



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