Why can't I see embedded content?


Schoology utilizes SSL (HTTPS) on all pages throughout the site. This enables an extra layer of security, and a safe transmission of data from Schoology servers to your computer.

Since many users add custom embedded content from third-party sources (such as a link to a  video or another website), it is possible for a user to embed content from a source that does not utilize SSL (HTTPS). While this practice is generally not harmful (assuming that you know the source you add content from is trusted), this does mean that most web browsers will now show a warning when trying to view “mixed content.”

For instance, if Chrome detects "insecure content" on your page, such as embedded videos using HTTP instead of HTTPS, it blocks the content from the iframe in Schoology and displays a gray shield icon on the right side of your browser address bar. 


If you trust that the content is safe, click the shield and then click Load unsafe scripts. This process may vary by browser.

How to Prevent this Message from Appearing

When embedding content into Schoology, try to use sources that start with HTTPS, or use SSL. For instance, within YouTube, you have an option to “Use HTTPS” when choosing to embed (see below). While this option will vary from website to website, most websites today have a similar option.


If your content is being blocked and you are unable to resolve the issue within the browser, submit a ticket to Schoology Support.




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