Sign Up as an Instructor

Important Note: Starting on August 19, 2020, we are temporarily suspending the ability for new teachers to register for Schoology Basic, the free classroom edition of Schoology Learning. Learn more here.

Sign up for an Instructor Account in Schoology


  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign Up at the top of the page and choose Instructor. Alternatively, go to and click Instructor.
  3. Fill out each required field.
  4. Click the I'm not a robot box and follow the instructions to confirm your identity. Click the headphones  icon to select an audio challenge instead.
  5. Click Register.
  6. Type your School name or school zip/postal code into the designated field, then click the search icon.
  7. Select your school from the results. If your school is not listed, click Request to Add Your School at the bottom of the list. Click here for further instructions on how to add your school to our database.


Important Notes for Basic Users:
  • We highly recommend that Basic Schoology Instructors associate or add a school to their account prior to enrolling students in courses. Students who sign up for an account using an access code are automatically associated with the instructor's school.
  • Once you select or enter your school, your account cannot be moved to another school. Please review the Help Article: How do I change schools? for next steps in this scenario.



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