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Your home page is the first place you'll land every time you log in to Schoology. Every aspect of the platform can be accessed directly from this location. Your home page is where you'll be briefed on all events and activities. It also keeps you organized by highlighting important events. The Recent Activity feed on the right displays aggregated activity across your courses, groups, and organizations, along with a running list of Reminders and Upcoming events. You can also view the Course Dashboard for a tiled list of courses in which you're enrolled. You can always return to the home page from anywhere in Schoology by clicking the Schoology logo, or your school logo, in the top left corner.

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Recent Activity

Your home page is the first page you’ll see after logging into Schoology. Here you can find the Recent Activity feed. This feed shows all the comments, updates, and events pertaining to your connections, courses, and groups.

Use the menu in the top-center of the page to post Updates, Polls, Assignments, Events, or Blog Posts directly from your Recent Activity page. You can also choose where in Schoology the post is visible, and who is able to view the post.

Finally, you can filter the Recent Activity feed from the Most Recent drop-down menu. You can filter by Most Recent, Updates, or Polls.

Note: You can post assignments, updates, and events to any or all courses and groups at once using the Post: function. 

Recent Activity on the home page.

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Course Dashboard

The Course Dashboard enables you to display all your courses as a tiled list. Drag and drop the tiles to rearrange the order of your courses on the dashboard. This also rearranges the order in the Courses drop-down menu.

Note: Only the first 12 tiles appear in the Courses drop-down menu.

From the Course Dashboard, click any one of your courses to go directly to its main landing page.

If you would prefer to view the Course Dashboard as your default home page, you can adjust this in your Account Settings. Visit our Course Dashboard article for full details

Course Dashboard on the home page

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Use the search tool to find people, courses, and groups that you are associated with in Schoology.

Search tool

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Apps & The App Center

View any apps installed at the account-level and access the App Center.

App Center drop-down menu

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The Schoology Calendar is an important organizational element for your connections, school, courses, and groups. It keeps events and due dates organized and easily accessible from the right column. You can view events and due dates by the Month, Week, or Day. 

Calendar view


Each item is color-coded by default depending on the affiliation to which it pertains (Courses, Groups, School, or Personal). Click the arrow to the right of each calendar to change the color of its events.

Color code options on the calendar

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You can send personal messages to members of your school and outside connections using the Messages area. 

Messages drop-down menu 

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Notifications & Requests

Notifications display course events in chronological order to keep you abreast of academic activity. Learn more about notifications here.

Notifications drop-down menu

Requests display connection requests and also allows you to RSVP calendar events.

Requests drop-down menu

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The Reminders area appears in the right column of your home page when students in a course submit an assignment, test/quiz, or discussion post that needs to be graded.

  • Assessment and managed assessment submissions are not included in Reminders.
  • If you are using Schoology Basic, click Refresh Reminders to display any ungraded items you may have.

Reminders on the home page

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In the right column of your home page, you'll see a running list of upcoming events, assignments, tests/quizzes, etc. This list will update as you refresh the page, and it displays up to ten items. 

Note: If you are using Schoology Basic, click Refresh Upcoming Items to display any upcoming items you may have.

Upcoming panel on the home page

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Account Menu

Click the down-facing arrow in the top right corner to:

Account drop-down menu

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At the bottom of every Schoology page, the new footer includes the following:

  • Language Selector — Use this menu to set the language of your Schoology experience.
  • Support Center — Access the Support Center to view your Support Contacts and/or support options, as well as links to the Schoology Help Center and Community forums.
  • Schoology Blog — Navigate to our blog, the Schoology Exchange.
  • Privacy Policy — View our Privacy Policy.
  • Terms of Use —View our Terms of Use.


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