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The Attendance feature can be accessed in the left menu of the course profile. You can mark students as present, absent, late, or excused. By default, students are marked present to reduce the amount of clicking required during the attendance process. If your attendance appears empty except for the current date, you may consider empty cells as present. Schoology saves attendance marks for present, absent, late, or excused, but Schoology considers empty cells as present marks.

Taking Attendance

Follow these steps to edit attendance:

  1. Select Attendance in the left menu of your course
  2. Click on an attendance cell to change student's status: Present, Absent, Late, Excused.
  3. Click Save Changes to complete.

Hovering over a grade cell will display the number of Absent, Late, and Excused markings the student has received while in your course. This information is displayed by a number next to the appropriate icon to the right of the student's name.


You can use the attendance area to leave a comment about a student on a particular date. To leave a comment, follow these steps:

  1. Select Attendance in the left menu of the Course Profile.
  2. Hover over a cell until you see a Comment Icon (it should be immediate).
  3. Click on the Comment Icon.
  4. Enter your comment into the popup.
  5. Check the box to Display to Student (optional).
  6. Click Save Changes to complete.

Note: Comments made in the Attendance area will appear in the student attendance report (see the icon located to the right of the student's name).

Change Date View

There are menus located above and below the attendance table, which allow you to change the date view. Clicking on the calendar icon will allow to you select a specific date. Using the left and right arrows will display the previous or next week, respectively.

Note: When you edit the attendance or comments, make sure to click Save Changes at before you change the dates.

View Attendance Reports

Click on the bar graph icon to the right of a student's name in the Attendance view to see a summary of their attendance and any comments.

Print Attendance Reports

You can print Attendance Reports for individual students in your course by clicking on the Print Icon located to the right of the week label.


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