How do I use an Embed Code from Youtube?


Due to some changes with the way embed codes are being presented in the Share area of Youtube, you might find that some embedded videos aren't displaying properly in Schoology's mobile apps.  In order to ensure that your embedded Youtube video will appear on the mobile app, you can alter the embed code before you copy/paste it into Schoology.


Accessing the Embed Code from Youtube

  1. Once you've navigated to the video in Youtube, select the Share option.
  2. Select Embed.
  3. Note the src= area of the embed code for your video.



Altering the Embed Code

  1. Add an https: or http: before the // in the embed code.  So src="//"  becomes src=""
  2. Copy this altered embed code to your clipboard.



Using the Embed Code in Schoology

You may now use the altered embed code anywhere in Schoology where we accept it.




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