How do I use Common Cartridge?


What Is Common Cartridge?

Common Cartridge is a formatting standard you can use to make content compatible with any system that supports it. You can learn more about Schoology's compliance on IMS Global's Website. Use the standard to import and export your Common Cartridge content from the Schoology Resources without losing its formatting. 

How Do I Import Common Cartridge?

To import Common Cartridge, navigate to Resources from the top menu.

Important Note: As of April 30, 2020, test/quiz content from a Common Cartridge file imports into Resources as Assessments, instead of Test/Quiz for new Schoology Enterprise organizations and instructors using Schoology Basic. Enterprise instructors that previously imported content as tests/quizzes are not affected by this change. If you’re a system administrator and you wish to import third party content as tests/quizzes instead of assessments, contact your Schoology representative.


  1. Click the down-facing arrow in the left menu and then select Import.
  2. Choose the option to import a Common Cartridge (IMSCC) file as a new collection.
    Note: Common Cartridge v1.2 files are supported.
  3. Name the Collection and click Next.
  4. Attach a .imscc file from the computer or device and click Next.
  5. Some folders within the Common Cartridge package may contain web content. If there is an HTML file in the folder, the folder structure displays, along with the ability to select the folder. If you prefer not to convert the files, click Skip & Import, and the files will be imported as regular files and folders.
  6. To convert to web content item types, click Convert.
  7. Click Import to complete.

Depending on the size of your file, the import process may take some time to complete. You may track the status of the import from your Transfer History

How Do I Export Common Cartridge?

To export to Common Cartridge, navigate to Resources from the top menu.


  1. Click the down-facing arrow in the left menu and then select Export.
  2. Select a Resource Collection or Folder (optional) you'd like to export. The name of the exported file will be the name of the collection and/or folder, excluding special characters. Spaces are replaced with hyphens. 
  3. Click Export.
  4. Navigate to the Transfer History area, and click on the gear to the right of the export once the process is complete.
  5. Click Download to download the file.

Depending on the size of the export, the export process may take some time to complete. You may track the status of the export from your Transfer History.

  • There is a file size limit of 10GB for exports. 
  • The Common Cartridge file version that is exported (v1.3) does not support the following content:
    • Media Albums
    • Rubrics
    • SCORM
    • Test/Quiz Question Types:
      • Matching with more than one blank
      • Fill-in-the-blank with more than one blank
      • Ordering
  • If you are exporting assessment content, Common Cartridge only supports the following question types:
    • Multiple Choice
    • True/False
    • Fill in the Blank with no more than one blank
    • Essay

For technical specifications of this limitation, visit the IMS Global Common Cartridge website.

How Do I Use Common Cartridge in a Course?

You may import Common Cartridge into a course by following the steps outlined in this article.



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