How do I change schools? (Instructors)


I'm changing schools. How do I move my Schoology account to a new school?

Enterprise Users

If your school uses the Enterprise version of Schoology, and you are moving schools within your Enterprise organization, your System Administrator can update your school building. Check out this End-of-the-Year Guide for best practices when moving schools at the end of the year.

Basic Users

If you're a Basic teacher moving to another school, you cannot update the school with which your existing account is associated. We recommend the following steps:

  1. Save all courses and course materials to Resources.
  2. Create a new Instructor account at the new school using a different email address.
  3. Add your new account at your new school as a Connection on Schoology, and share your Resources with your new account. 
  4. Either delete the previous account, or merge it into the new account.

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