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Public Resources enables educators from all over the globe to share various types of resources for free. As an educator, you can access Public Resources from the header in Schoology, or from within My Resources.

Public Resources are files, links, course materials, or folders of content shared by other members of the Schoology community. Search through our growing database for instructional resources. You can read comments and see ratings for each resource. Download the resource into your personal resources, and add them to your courses. You can also share any of your personal resources with users around the world.

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Share Your Resources

You can share any of your personal resources with the Schoology Community in Public Resources.

Sharing your Resources

To make your Resources public, follow these steps:

  1. Click Resources along the top of the page.
  2. Click the bookshelf icon to the right of the item you would like to make public to share in public resources.
  3. Fill out the pop-up form to provide information to Schoology users who may be looking for your research.
    (Title, Info, Grade Level, Resource Type, and Tags can be filtered during a search by other educators).
  4. Choose a Subject.
  5. Select Make Public to complete.
  • You cannot make Course Assessment and Test/Quiz templates public. Instead, you can share questions by creating and sharing an Item Bank or Question Bank
  • Only the following items are accessible from the iOS mobile app:-
    • Files
    • Links
    • Pages
  • Only the following items are accessible from the Android mobile app:-
    • Files
    • Links
All other items are listed as templates in Resources and can be accessed via the mobile browser or web browser.

Once an item has been made public, a globe icon is displayed below the Resource name in your personal collection:

Globe icon displayed next to public resource

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Edit or Remove Your Resources

To edit your public resources, follow these steps:

  1. Click the gear icon to the right of the resource.
  2. Select the option to Edit Public Info.
  3. Make any changes to Public Title, Public Info, Level, Resource Type, Subject, or Learning Objectives.
  4. Click Update to complete.

Edit Public Info option

Additionally, if you make a change to the item in your Personal resources - for example, updating the title or description fields - you will be prompted to update this change in the Public version as well. 

 1. Click Update Public Version.Update Public Version link next to resource

2. Click Update so that the changes made to your Personal version are updated in the Public version of the resource as well.

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To remove your resources, follow these steps:

  1. Click the gear icon to the right of the resource.
  2. Select the option to Remove Public Version.
  3. Click Approve to complete.

Remove Public Version option

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Browse Public Resources

To view resources shared by the Schoology global community, navigate to the Public area of your Resource Center. Educators can enrich their courses by browsing through and downloading diverse content.

To filter your search, use the following areas to find more specific content:

  • Subject
    • Differentiation
    • English / Language Arts
    • Enrichment
    • Foreign Language 
    • Math
    • School Culture and Practices
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • Technology and Engineering
    • Support
  • Resource Type
    • Activity
    • Assessments
      Note: Course assessments and test/quizzes cannot specifically be added as public resources since they are available to your district, school, or class only. Use this category to search for other assessment-type resources.
    • Curriculum/Scope & Sequence
    • Game/Puzzle
    • Handout
    • Instructions for teachers
    • Learning Tools
    • Lesson Plan
    • Presentations
    • Test Prep/Review
    • Other
  • Level
  • File Format
    • Folder
    • Assignments
    • Files
    • Links
    • Discussions
    • Media Albums
    • Pages
    • Badges
    • Rubrics
    • Web Content
  • Rating
    • Highest Rated
    • Most Viewed
    • Recently Added 
    • Most Popular

Public Resources area

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Rate Resources

The ability to view ratings on resources allows you to gauge the quality and popularity of the resource content. It also allows you to engage with other educators interested in similar content. To rate a resource, select it, and follow these steps:

Add rating to public resource

  1. Click Rate Resource.
  2. Select the highest level of star you'd like to give the resource. Selecting a high number of stars (5 stars) indicates a higher opinion of the resource.
  3. Enter a comment (optional).
  4. Click Submit to complete.

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Download Resources

When you download a resource from Public Resources to your Personal Resources, you can add the resource to courses and groups you administer or copy the resource to other resource collections.

To download public resources, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Download icon to the right of each resource.
    Download icon
  2. This saves a copy of the item to the Downloads collection in Personal Resources. To organize, copy, or move the item to a group or course you administer, navigate to the Downloads collection.  

Downloads area of Personal Resources

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