Where do I find archived courses?


Courses become archived after the grading period end date. Archived courses do not expire. When a course is archived, Course Admins with permission to view archived courses can view the course in the Archived area of My Courses indefinitely.

Important Notes: 
  • After the end date of the grading period, courses are not archived until a 24 to 30-hour grace period has passed.
  • Depending on the settings in place at your school or organization, instructors and students may not be able to view archived courses.

To find Archived Courses:

  1. Click Courses at the top of the page.
  2. Click See All on the lower right corner of the drop-down menu.
  3. From the My Courses area, click Archived to view past courses.


Enterprise Instructors: If you'd like to reactivate an archived course and keep the same course material and roster of students for a longer period of time, extend the life of the course by adding a grading period. This process may vary based on how your organization provisions courses and enrollments.

Basic Instructors: If your course is not associated with any grading periods, you do not have to add grading periods to extend the course into a new school year.

To add a grading period to a course:

  1. Click Course Options under the course profile photo.
  2. Select Edit Info.
  3. Select an active grading period.
  4. Click Save to complete.




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