Student Completion Rules


Student completion rules are requirements placed on course folders and/or course material that enable teachers to structure the flow of their course, as well as to create self-paced learning for students. The following requirements are available for course folders and material, depending on the item for which you're setting a requirement:

  • Must complete
  • Must view the item
  • Must post a comment/reply
  • Must make a submission
  • Must score at least
Note: You can place more than one completion rule on a single item, but you cannot place the same rule on the same item more than once. You cannot, for example, use Student Completion to require multiple posts or multiple submissions.

Set Completion Rules on Folders

Setting completion rules on course folders requires students to complete a folder before progressing to the next folder.

To set completion rules on folders in a course:

  1. Click Options and select Student Completion.
  2. To add a completion rule to individual folders, click Add requirement. 
  3. To add a completion rule to all folders, click Make all folders sequential.
  4. Click Save Changes to complete.


Note: The Requirements must be completed in sequential order setting is enabled by default for top level folders. If you'd like students to complete folders in non-sequential order, set completion rules only to material inside of folders.  

Set Completion Rules on Materials Inside Folders

If your top-level folders on your course Materials page have a Must Complete rule, we recommend that you add completion rules to items inside of folders as well. This step gives students a way to complete the folder.

In each folder, there is an option to require students to complete items in sequential order. This option is located in the upper right of the student completion form. When this option is enabled, students must successfully complete the rule(s) on one item before progressing to the next item.

To add completion rules to material inside of folders:

  1. Click Options and select Student Completion.
  2. Require students to complete course material in the folder's sequential order or, in any order they choose.
  3. Click Add requirement to add one or more requirements.
  4. Select your material and a requirement from the drop-down menus.
  5. Click the 'X' to remove a requirement.
  6. Click Save Changes to complete.


Note: The order in which you organize the items in the Student Completion form has no bearing on the order in which students must complete the rules. The order in which students must complete the items in the course depends on the order in which the folders and course material are listed on the materials and/or within the folder.

Copy and Save Content With Completion Rules

When you copy or save a folder with completion rules applied to resources, the student completion rules are retained. This means that when you pull that content into a new section, the original rules and sequencing are still in place. 

Click here to learn about saving your course to Resources.

Individually Assigning Materials with Completion Rules

You can utilize Individually Assign to assign material to individual or select students in a folder that contains Student Completion Rules. Students who are not individually assigned to the material or folder will automatically see the folder as Completed.

Check Student Progress

As students complete student completion rules, you can view each student's progress by clicking the Student Progress button at the top of the page within a folder or at the top of the Materials page.

Note: The student progress information adjusts according to the area from which you're viewing students' progress. For example, if you view student progress from the course profile, you'll see their progress for the entire course. If you view students' progress from within a folder, you'll see students' progress of the items only in that folder.


Use the Excused Exception to Bypass Completion Rules 

Instructors who use Student Completion Rules may need to bypass one or more required assignments for a variety of reasons. For example, if a student is absent and makes up a required assignment with a different make-up project, or a student is new to class and doesn't need to start at the beginning of a folder with completion rules.

In these situations, instructors can use the Excused exception in their gradebook to bypass one or more materials with completion rules applied. 

To apply the Excused exception, hover your mouse pointer over the cell for the material in your gradebook, click the flag that displays, and select Excused:

Now when the student opens the Student Progress view, the material is marked as Excused and the student may continue through the materials in the Student Completion series.

My student is reporting she completed a rule, but she is unable to proceed to the next required item

If you are experiencing trouble with the Student Progress report, start by rechecking student progress to refresh the report:

  1. Click Student Progress at the top of the page.
  2. Click Recheck Student Progress along the bottom of the pop-out window.
  3. The Student Progress page refreshes and the completion percentages may update.
Note: Click the Recheck student progress option in any folder-level to recheck the students' progress within the entire course. However, the percentage completed will reflect the required items within the area you're viewing. For example, if you view student progress from the course profile, you'll see their progress for the entire course. If you view students' progress from within a folder, you'll see students' progress of the items only in that folder.

If you are still experiencing any difficulty with Student Completion Rules and Student Progress, contact the Schoology Help Desk.



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