How do I delete my account?


Basic Users

Teachers, students, and parents with Basic Schoology accounts can delete their accounts by navigating to while logged into the account they'd like to delete. Deleting an account removes all submissions, resources, and content associated with the account, and neither the account nor the items can be restored.


Note: Teachers must delete any courses and groups they've created before deleting their accounts. All users must be removed from courses in which they are enrolled, and leave groups in which they are enrolled. Learn more about deleting courses, and leaving courses and groups.

Enterprise Accounts

Teachers, students, and parents in a school or organization with the Enterprise version of Schoology should speak with their System Administrator for assistance with managing their accounts. Accounts inactivated by a System Administrator may be restored if needed.

If you're not sure if your school or organization is Enterprise, you can check the Help Center area to find a Support Contact for your school, or ask your teacher for more information. 



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