How do I add co-teachers to a course?


If you co-teach your class, work with a TA or paraprofessional on a regular basis, or want to give administrative access to a student-teacher, you may consider adding one or more additional course admins to your course.

To do this, the person must first be enrolled as a member of your course and their account must be an instructor or faculty account. If you are an Enterprise user, check with your system admin about the best way to enroll this person into your course. 

The course administrators (teachers) of a Schoology course have access to view and manage materials in the course. A course section can have as many administrators as needed. Administrators of the course will see course updates populate their Recent Activity feed. They can also receive menu and email notifications for the course.

Note: Only the course creator can add sections to the course – other course administrators can not add sections. For example: User A creates Course 1: Section 1. User A then adds User B as an admin for Section 1. User A can make changes to Course 1 and Section 1, but User B can only make changes to Section 1, not Course 1.

Add teachers to a course with an Access Code (Basic users)

If you'd like to add a teacher who doesn't yet have a Schoology account, follow these steps:

  1. Give the teacher the Course Access Code for the course.
  2. If the teacher does not yet have an account, ask the teacher to navigate to and follow these instructions to sign up for an Instructor account.
  3. Once the teacher has a Schoology account, he or she can click Courses in the top menu, select My Courses, click Join a Course, and enter the ten-digit Course Access Code from your course.
  4. Once the teacher joins your course, navigate to Members in your course.
  5. From the gear to the right of the teacher's name, select Make Admin. This person will now have a shield icon to the right of his or her name in the Members list, indicating that they now have the ability to administer the course. 
Note: If the option to Make Admin does not appear for the teacher, it's possible that the teacher created a Student account on Schoology. The teacher can delete their student account and create a new Instructor account. 

Add teachers to a course with Add Members (Enterprise only)

Enterprise instructors have the ability to add members directly form the course using the Add Members option: 

  1. Select Members from the left menu of the course.
  2. Click Add Members.
  3. Select the teacher(s) you'd like to enroll into the course. You will see a selected count in the upper right corner. You can also search or browse for each user without affecting previously selected members.
  4. Click Add Members.
  5. In the Members area, click the gear to the right of the teacher's name and select the option Make Admin. This person will now have a shield icon to the right of his or her name in the Members list, indicating that they now have the ability to administer the course. 


Note: Depending on the settings in place at your school, you may not see the option to add additional teachers to your course. If you're not able to add teachers to your course, please contact a System Administrator for further assistance. System Administrator and Schoology Support information is located in the Help Center area.



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