What are Courses and Sections?


Course Name vs. Section Name

Each course has a Course Name and a Section Name. This naming convention allows you to create multiple sections for the same course. For example:

Course Name: English 101

  • Section Name: Section 1
  • Section Name: Section 2

If your school uses class periods, you may also use a course/section structure like the following example:

Course Name: English 101

  • Section Name: Period 1
  • Section Name: Period 2


We recommend that you separate different class rosters into their own sections. If a group of students meet during Section 1, for example, you should consider creating another section for the group of students that meet at another time (Section 2).

This division of course sections allows you to customize course materials, attendance, and grades for each group of students.


Ideas for course section organization

  • Use a new course section for each "class," or roster of students.
  • Use a single course section for all classes, and use grading groups to divide the course.
  • Use a new course section for each school semester, or a single section for the entire school year.

Your class is uniquely yours, and you can create sections in ways that best suit your classroom needs as well as your school's policy. Consider the following questions and suggestions when creating sections:

  • Do my courses use the same set of materials? If so, you should consider creating a "master" course in Resources and importing materials into each section.
  • Do some students in my course require individually assigned items? If so, having grading groups in addition to individually assigned items for a large number of students may become difficult to manage.
  • Are my students able to handle being in the same section with other students? Does my school allow this kind of classroom setup? If students are only permitted to view students in their own courses, having a combined course may not be the best option for you.
  • Does my school require me to grade on a quarter, semester, or full-year basis? Depending on the way your school structures its grading system, you might consider having a section for each semester so that you can have both quarter grades and semester grades.

For details about creating courses and sections in Schoology, please visit the article on Creating Courses.



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