How do teachers use Assignment Submissions?


The submissions feature is located in the right column of the Assignment profile. This area allows students to submit files for a particular assignment.


Filter Submissions

When a student submits an assignment, you may filter the submissions by the following options, which can depend on the assignment's due date:


  • Received: Total number of submissions received.
  • Needs grading: Number of submissions that have not been graded.
  • On time: Number of on time submissions.
  • Late: Number of late submissions.
  • Graded: Total number of submissions that have already been graded.
  • Not submitted: Total number of missing submissions.

Download Student Submissions

To download all student submissions, click on the download icon in the right column of an assignment with submissions.

Note: The Download All option has a limit of 500MB. If the cumulative size of all submissions to the assignment exceeds this limit, each submission can be downloaded individually from the document viewer.


To download or view each individual file, click on a student submission to open the Document Viewer. Click the Download button to download the individual submission. If the student has submitted multiple revisions, toggle into each revision to download.


Grade the Assignment

To grade the item directly from the document viewer, enter a value in the Grade field in the upper right. Grades and comments entered in this area will automatically sync with the course Gradebook. If this field does not appear for the assignment, it's possible that the assignment may not be associated with a grading category. To check the category associated with the assignment, follow these steps:


  1. Close the submissions document viewer by clicking on the X that appears at the top.
  2. Click the gear on the upper right of the assignment profile.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Make sure that the Category is not set to (Ungraded).
  5. Click Save Changes to complete.

Give Student Feedback

The right panel of the submission document viewer allows you to communicate one-on-one with the student. You may also upload files back to the student through the right panel. When you grade an assignment submission and/or leave a comment for the student in this area, the student will receive a notification via the bell icon at the top of their Schoology account. 



You may also use the annotation toolbar located at the top of the document viewer to mark the submission. Saving the changes will display the annotation marks to students when they open their assignment submissions from their account. These annotations do not alter the submission file itself, so you may always use the Download File button to download the original file.


For more information on Assignments and other course features, read our article on Course Materials.



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