My course is archived - How do I extend the grading period?


If a course you administered has disappeared from the Courses drop-down menu in your account, it may be because the course has archived. 

Courses are archived at the end of a grading period. To find archived courses, navigate to your My Courses area by following these steps:

  1. Click Courses along the top of your home screen.
  2. Click See All.
  3. Click the Archived tab to view past courses.

Note: Archived courses do not expire. If the grading period has come to an end, you can leave the course Archived. You retain access to the course - including the materials, gradebook and members page - when a course is archived.

If you'd like to reactivate this course, and keep the same course material and roster of students for a longer period of time, extend the life of the course by adding a grading period. (If your course was never associated with any grading periods, you do not have to add grading periods to extend the course into a new school year).

Note: You should only extend the life of the course by adding a grading period if the course is truly continuing, with the same roster of students. If you want to re-use the same course materials during a new marking period with a new group of students, click here to learn how to save materials to use in a new course.

If you are a system administrator you can also change the dates of the grading period the course is associated with. Changing the dates of the grading period affects all courses associated with the grading period. 

To add a new grading period to a course, follow these steps:

  1. Select Grade Setup in the left menu of the Course
  2. Click Edit to the right of Grading Periods & Final Weights.
  3. Enter a name for the new grading period.
  4. Select a start-date and end-date.
  5. Click Save to complete.

Note: Depending on the settings in place at your school or organization, this feature may not be available to you. The System Administrator at your school or organization can create and add grading periods to the course for you.



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