How do I add grading periods to my course?

If you're the system administrator for an organization using the Enterprise version of Schoology, you can add grading periods at the system level. Learn more here.

Adding Grading Periods at the Course Level

If you are a teacher and want to add a new grading period to your course, the steps to do this will vary based on the version of Schoology you are using.

To add a grading period to a course (Enterprise):

Enterprise teachers whose courses are not managed at the school or district level may add grading periods with the following steps:

  1. Click Course Options under the course profile photo.
  2. Select Edit Info.
  3. Select an active grading period.
  4. Click Save to complete.


  • Depending on the settings in place at your organization, the ability to add grading periods may not be available. Click the Support link in the footer of Schoology to reach out to your Support Contact for help.
  • If you need to edit or extend a grading period, reach out to your Support Contact for assistance.

To add a grading period to a course (Basic)

If you are a teacher using the Basic version (you will see Upgrade in the top left corner of Schoology), then you can add grading periods from the Grade Setup page in your course:

  1. Access the course.
  2. Click Grade Setup in the menu under the course photo.
  3. Click Edit next to Grading Periods & Final Weights.
  4. Fill in the information to Add New Grading Period.
  5. Apply the new grading period to the course by selecting the checkbox.


Grading periods cannot be deleted or edited in the Basic version of Schoology. If you need to adjust a grading period, create a new grading period with the adjusted grading period dates. You can use Bulk Edit in the gradebook to assign the new grading period to any existing course materials.

If you need to remove grading periods from a course, deselect the grading period from the Edit Grading Periods modal and click Save.



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