How do I find Support?


When looking for help using Schoology, The Schoology Support Center is the best place to find assistance using Schoology.

To access the Schoology Support Center, scroll to the bottom of any page in Schoology and click Support.


Support for Enterprise Users

If your school or district uses the Enterprise version of Schoology, you will see a pop-up modal with the names of the administrators designated as Support Contacts by your organization. Depending on the settings in place, you may be able to message them directly within Schoology.

Note: Depending on the settings in your organization, the support link may reflect your organization's own help desk or support protocol.


  1. Support Contacts: Administrators at your school or organization who help manage Schoology issues.
  2. Schoology Help Desk: Options to contact Schoology's Support Team (Available depending on user role and Support package).
  3. Schoology Support Center: Links to our Help CenterCommunity Support Forums, and Schoology Blog.

Support for Basic Users

Basic users do not have designated Support Contacts. If you are a Basic user and click Support at the bottom of the page, you are directed to the Schoology Help Center, where you can find the following resources:


  1. Getting Started, FAQs and more - Help articles and support documentation. Choose your role or search by topic.
  2. Product Roadmap - Planned features, features in development, and completed features (subject to change).
  3. Community Support Forums - Post a question or answer a question in the Q&A section, share feedback in Feature Ideas.
  4. Schoology Blog - The latest Schoology news, tips and more.



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