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Your courses are essentially your online classroom. They connect your classmates, contain your course work, and give you a direct line to your instructor. You must use a 10-digit access code to become a member of any course. This access code will be given to you by your instructor.

Read the article below in its entirety to understand how to join courses using Course Access Codes, or use the links below to jump to specific topics:

Join a course using an Access Code (Enterprise)

If you already have a Schoology account, you can join additional courses by using the 10-digit access code for the course.


  1. Log in to Schoology.
  2. Select Courses in the top menu.
  3. Click My Courses.
  4. Click Join a Course on the right.
  5. Enter your access code.
  6. Click Join.
Note: If you don't see the option to join a course, there may be a different set of guidelines to join courses at your school.  Please speak with your teacher for more information on joining courses.

Join a course using an Access Code (Basic)

This process will allow you to join a course after you have already created your Schoology account. If you have not yet created a Schoology account, please review this article: Sign Up as a Student


  1. Log in to Schoology.
  2. Select Courses in the top menu.
  3. Click Join a Course.
  4. Enter your access code.
  5. Click Join.

After you have successfully entered the Course Access Code, you will be taken directly to your new course. When you want to return to this course, or any of your courses, click Courses at the top and select the course you would like to enter.

Troubleshooting Access Code Issues

  • Check that the Course Access Code is being entered correctly. The code should be 10 digits, such as: XXXXX-XXXXX
  • Check to make sure students are entering the Course Access Code into the correct area in Schoology:
    • If students are signing up for a new account, make sure they are following these steps.
    • If students already have a Schoology account and want to join another course, make sure they are following these steps.
  • Ensure that students are entering Course Access Codes via the processes demonstrated above. If students attempt to enter a Group Access Code in the area in Schoology to join a course, they will receive an error (and vice-versa).




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