Custom Domains and Subdomains


With an Enterprise account, you may choose between a Custom Domain or Custom Subdomain. For custom subdomains, Schoology automatically uses a * wildcard SSL certificate to serve pages over HTTPS. However, if you would like users at your organization to log into Schoology from a custom domain, you will need to apply for an SSL certificate to ensure that domain is secure.

Note: Using a custom domain without SSL may limit the functionality within certain areas of Schoology. Be sure to reach out to your Schoology representative to apply for an SSL certificate.


To enable a custom domain or subdomain, or to change any of your current settings, contact your Schoology representative.

To ensure SSL protection on the custom domain, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Reach out to your Schoology representative to apply for a certificate. 
    • The certification process can take up to three weeks.
    • You will be required to point your CNAME to
  2. When your certificate has been approved, your Onboarding Specialist or Schoology representative will notify you to test your HTTPS domain and subsequently force SSL for your organization.

If you plan on using one of the three directory services (Google, Microsoft 360 or LDAP) you must set the login page for that directory as your Landing Page in Schoology.




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