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If your organization has multiple schools (Schoology High School and Schoology Middle School, for example, or School of Education and School of Journalism), you may have worked with Schoology to add an area for Schools. Before you add a school, however, you should consider if having multiple schools under one Enterprise Organization is the right solution for your framework.

Responsibilities with Managing Schools

Add a School

Edit a School

Delete a School

Responsibilities with Managing Schools

  • User Provisioning
    • As a System Administrator, you must manage account creation for multiple schools. For example, when you import users into Schoology, you must make sure you provision users into the correct school.
  • Course Provisioning
    • You must also manage course creation for multiple schools. For example, when you import courses into Schoology, you must make sure you provision courses and sections into the correct school.
  • Enrollment Maintenence
    • When students and teachers change their enrollment from one school to another, you must make these adjustments in Schoology.
  • Privacy Settings
    • System Administrators must consider the privacy settings for each school. For example, should a teacher in one school be able to view the courses of a teacher in another school? With the addition of schools, there are additional Privacy Settings at the Organization level to help you establish these kinds of settings at your school.
  • System Administrators at the school level:
    • It's important to note that System Administrators associated with the parent organization (Springfield School District or Springfield University) have access to administer users and content in all schools.
      System Administrators associated with a school, however, only have access to administer that specific school (Schoology High School or The School of Education, for example). Therefore, while the permission settings for System Administrators may be the same for all users associated with the role, their school association may not provide the same access for all users.
    • Support Contacts
      You may only designate Support Contacts for the entire organization, not on a school-by-school basis.

Note: Once you add schools to your system, other areas of Schoology are sorted by schools as well. These areas include the Course Listing, School Analytics, Manage Users, and the area to add members to courses and groups.

If you decide that schools are the best framework for your organization, you can use the following instructions to add, edit, or delete schools from your organization from School Management.

Click here for more detailed instructions on creating and administering multiple schools.

To manage schools in Schoology:


  1. Click Tools.
  2. Select School Management.
  3. Click Schools.

Add a School


  1. Click +Add School.
  2. Enter information in the required fields.
  3. Click Create School to add the school to your organization.

This school now appears on your school profile, Course Listings, Manage Users area, Import and Export areas, and School Analytics. You may create courses and groups under each of these schools.

Edit a School


  1. Click Edit.
  2. Adjust information as needed.
  3. Click Save Changes to complete.

Delete a School


  1. Click the Delete button to the right of the school name.


If you see a warning message, Schoology will indicate any issues in the message. To resolve the issue:

    • You can move users to another school through Manage Users> Roles/Advanced.
    • You cannot move courses into another school, but you can delete them from the Course Listing.
    • To view a list of users associated with a school use the filter option in Manage Users.
    • To view a list of courses associated with a school, use the drop-down menu in the Course Listing.
    • To export a list of all users and courses associated with a school, use the Export area.




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    Ratanak Sambo

    I have a list of schools created. But for some reason I cannot get one of the school to appear at the top. I would rather have a school I created to be the first on the list. How would I be able to do this?

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    Charles Black

    Hi Ratanak,

    I apologize for this delayed response. I have created a support ticket for this issue so that we can follow up with you directly.

    Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

    Knowledge Management & Community Specialist
    Schoology, Inc.

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