Profile (Parents)


You can access your Personal Profile by clicking on your name on the top menu. Schoology users that click on your name in Schoology will also be taken to your profile. You can control who can view your profile by adjusting your Account Privacy Settings.

Note: Depending on your settings at your child's school, some of these features may be different for your account. Please contact your System Administrator with any questions.


Profile Picture

You can change your profile picture by hovering over the current picture.

  1. Click on Edit Picture (It appears when you hover over your picture).
  2. If you already have a photo in place, click Remove Picture to remove your current picture from view.
  3. Click Attach File.
  4. Choose a JPEG, PNG, or GIF file from your device. There is a 5 MB limit per photo file.
  5. If you'd like to use an avatar instead, choose an avatar below.


The Info tab provides other users with more information about you. You can edit the information by clicking Edit in the top right corner of your Profile page.



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