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Schoology is now offering a new experience for elementary learners. The new experience enables teachers to display their courses and materials in a more simplified and visual format that is engaging and easy to use for young learners. Teachers can enable Schoology's Elementary experience for any course of their choosing. Students will then see an elementary-friendly user interface to interact with at ease.

The Elementary experience offers the following features:

  • Simpler navigation: Students see a simplified course layout.
  • New course view: Focused on a more visual and engaging experience.
  • Brand new Assignment experience: Students have the ability to draw, record, photograph, annotate, and more to submit their work. The first phase of the Elementary experience enables students to take a photo, record audio, and video to submit to the assignment.
  • The Elementary experience is currently in limited availability. If you’re a system administrator and you’re interested in this feature for your district, reach out to your Schoology representative or the Schoology Support team.
  • We are continuing to build out features for this new experience. See Coming Soon to the Elementary Experience for upcoming functionality and follow our Product Roadmap to receive updates on the development of this feature.
  • The Elementary experience is currently in development on the Schoology mobile apps. Users may use the mobile browser on their devices until the experience becomes available on the apps.

What is the Elementary experience exactly?

The Elementary experience offers a simplified version of the course that is focused on engaging students in a more visual and efficient manner. Once students navigate to the course, folders and materials are displayed as single cards on the page. Instead of the traditional course menu navigation on the left and Upcoming items on the right, students are presented with the most important content all at once. Course materials have also been simplified to a full-page view.

Teachers can customize the look of their course by adding featured images for each material type and folder to further enhance their course and help increase engagement and stimulation.


Above: Course view in the Elementary experience. Folders and materials are displayed as cards for a more simplified view. Each item has a Featured Image displayed to the left.

Below: Assignment view in the Elementary experience. Materials are displayed in a simplified full-page view.


Use the Back button to return to the course folder or Materials page:


How do I enable the Elementary Experience for my class?

Note: If you’re a system administrator and you’re interested in the Elementary experience for your organization, contact your Schoology representative.

Teachers can enable the Elementary experience for any of their courses from Course Settings.

To enable the Elementary experience:

  1. From the desired course, click Course Options under the profile picture.
  2. Select Edit Privacy / Course Settings.
  3. Under Course View Settings, select Elementary from the Course Theme drop-down menu:
  4. Click Save Changes to confirm.

The Elementary theme changes the view of your course for students only. Additionally, there is not an option to select a course landing page since the Materials view is the main, simplified visual experience for elementary.

Teachers that wish to see the student view for the Elementary experience should create and add a test Student account to their course. Depending on your method of provisioning, this test account may be unenrolled after a daily sync. Contact your Support Contact if you have any questions about creating test accounts in your organization.

Who should the new Elementary Experience be enabled for?

Teachers may enable the new Elementary experience for any of their courses based on students’ needs, grade levels, or accommodations. Schoology built this new experience to better serve the needs of K-5 grade levels with an emphasis on pre-readers.

Coming Soon to the Elementary Experience


  • New simplified left-hand course navigation experience.
  • New submission workflows for assignments.
  • Ability to view the most recent course update.


  • Ability to use View Course As to see the student view in the Elementary experience.

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