Delivering Performance Matters Assessments Through Schoology


Schoology and Performance Matters now offer an integration that allows instructors to access, preview, and add Performance Matters assessments to their Schoology courses. Students can access and take these assessments just as easily as they access course assessments directly within Schoology. This means easier access and a seamless experience for instructors and students so that Performance Matters and Schoology work better together.

  • If your organization uses Performance Matters and you’re interested in this feature, please have your Performance Matters Administrative Lead create a Support ticket to request this integration. If you do not use Performance Matters but are interested in learning more, our on-demand demo is available here.
  • Performance Matters assessments are not supported on the Schoology mobile apps. Instructors and students should use desktop or mobile web browser instead.

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Adding Performance Matters Assessments

Instructors may add Performance Matters Assessments to their Schoology courses directly from the Materials page.

To add Performance Matters Assessments:

  1. Click Add Materials and select Add Common Assessment.
  2. Select the desired assessments from the dialog box. Click Preview if you wish to review an assessment before adding it to your course. This will open the assessment in a new tab and display it in Performance Matters OLA format.
    Note: If the list of assessments does not populate, log in to Performance Matters and agree to the Terms of Service for Unify. You must agree to the terms to proceed.
  3. Click Add to Course to complete.
    The assessment is available automatically for students to access and take. This means you do not have to assign the assessment to students as is required in Performance Matters. Additionally, students will only see the assessment selected in the above workflow in Schoology instead of all existing assessments, as it appears in Performance Matters.
  4. The assessment is unpublished by default. Click the gear icon to the right of the assessment and select Publish to make the assessment available to students:
  5. Optional: Click the gear icon to the right of the assessment and select Edit to make additional changes:
    • Click Enable Grading to add a due date and other grading information to the assessment. This option enables the scores to be passed back to the Schoology gradebook.
        • Points: Set the number of points the assessment is worth in the course Gradebook.
        • Due Date: Set a due date to place the assessment in the course Calendar and Upcoming area.
        • Category: Select a grading category from the drop-down menu.
        • Scale: Select a grading scale.
        • Period: Select a grading period.
    • To individually assign the assessment to students, click the Individually Assign icon next to Options:

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Student View

Students can access Performance Matters assessments from anywhere they can access other graded materials:

  • The Materials list in a course.
  • The Upcoming feed.
  • The Calendar.
  • The Notifications feed.

To access a Performance Matters assessment:

  1. Within the course, click the title of the assessment. The student is automatically assigned the assessment and logged into Performance Matters.
  2. The welcome screen on the next page displays locked assessments and paused assessments first, followed by assessments not started yet. Click the assessment or section name to continue.
  3. Students can access all the tools that have been enabled for the assessment on the summary screen on the next page. Click Next to begin the assessment.
  4. Answer the questions appropriately. Click Next or Previous to navigate through the questions or use the questions drop-down menu. If Allow Pause is enabled on the assessment, you may click Pause to stop the assessment.
    Note: Learn more about taking Performance Matters assessments here.
  5. Click Submit Test when you have completed all questions.
  6. Review any questions and click Submit Test to submit the assessment.
  7. Students' scores are displayed upon completion if the assessment contains only machine-scoreable items and Show student score after submission is enabled in OLA Test Settings. If the assessment includes human-scorable items, a message displays that the assessment requires manual scoring.

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Performance Matters Assessment Results

Results for assessments containing machine-scorable items can be viewed directly in Performance Matters Reports. Use the Application icon to easily navigate to Performance Matters from Schoology. Scores can also be viewed in the Schoology gradebook.

If needed, instructors can grade any human-scorable items directly in Performance Matters from Online Scoring or Score Assignments. Scores for human-scorable items cannot be viewed in the Schoology gradebook. This feature will be available soon. Follow our Product Roadmap to receive updates on the development of this feature: Performance Matters Integration: Manually Scored Grade Passback

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