Moderating Student Activity in a Course or Group



My students are posting updates and comments in a course. How do I moderate or restrict student activity in my courses and groups?


Instructors have several options to moderate or restrict student activity in a course or group. Students' posts or comments can be monitored before posting to the course or group. Instructors may also disable the ability for students to participate in certain areas of the course or group. 

Note: The permissions outlined in this article may be disabled by your organization at the system level. Contact your Support Contact with any questions.

Course/Group Moderation

Instructors can moderate courses and groups to monitor members' comments before publication. When moderation is enabled, you must approve each update, comment, or response in the course or group before it is available to other members of your group.

Course/Group Settings

Course and group admins can adjust the settings on each course/group they administer to enable or disable the ability for students to post or comment on updates, create discussions (Groups only), edit discussion responses (Courses only), or create Resources (Groups only).

Note: Course Privacy Settings may not be available depending on the settings in place at your school or organization. Contact your Support Contact with any questions.

Click Course Options / Group Options on the left menu of the course/group profile and select Edit Privacy / Course Settings or Edit Privacy / Group Settings to adjust your course or group's Other Settings as needed:


Above, Other Settings in Course Settings. Below, Other Settings in Group Settings.


Keep in mind that your organization may have disabled the ability for students to create or comment on course/group updates at the system level. In which case, the following note is displayed in your Course/Group Settings:

Note: Due to permissions set by your organization, some members may not have the ability to post course/group updates. Contact your Support Contact for more information.


Lock Option

Use the Lock option in Assignments and Discussions to prevent students from making submissions to an assignment or from posting in a discussion. You may want to lock submissions or discussions after the due date has passed.

Click the Lock icon in the Edit modal of an assignment or discussion to lock the item on a specific date or to lock immediately:



Assignment Comments

Additionally, instructors may disable the ability to post comments on assignments. These comments appear on the Assignment profile:


Click the Comments icon in the Edit modal to enable/disable comments:




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