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How do I import user profile pictures in bulk?


Import User Pictures enables you to import user profile pictures for all users in your school. You can import the following image file types: .jpg, .png, or .gif.

Step 1: Filenames

The filename of each image file must correspond to each user’s Schoology User ID or Username, depending on the update method you select:

  • If you'd like to match each file by Username, you must make sure that all user accounts have a username in Schoology.
  • If you choose to match each file by Schoology User ID,  you should first export a list of users and include the Schoology User ID.
Note: The Schoology User ID is not the same as the Unique ID, which is a separate unique identifier for each user (usually a School ID or SIS ID). Unique ID is used to match users with your other systems when you import and export information.

Step 2: ZIP file

Once you have users' Schoology User ID or Usernames matched to their corresponding file, compress all the files into one ZIP file.

  • The import process will not recognize folders within the ZIP file. Please make sure all user image files are located in one ZIP file.
  • The maximum size of the ZIP file must be 50MB or smaller. Create separate ZIP files if larger than 50 MB.

Step 3: Upload

  • Navigate to Tools.
  • Select User Management.
  • Click the Roles/Advanced tab.
  • Click Import User Pictures.
  • Select your Update Method (School UID or Username).
  • Select the file you prepared in steps 1 & 2.
  • Click Upload File.
        • Schoology provides the first 48 items for preview. Check to make sure each image corresponds to the appropriate user. You can make any adjustments prior to uploading based on this preview.
  • Click Confirm to complete the upload.





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