How to use the Drop Lowest grade setting



How do I drop the lowest grade and how does this affect the gradebook?


When configuring grading categories in a course section, you have the option to drop the lowest grade within the category. To use this option:

  1. Navigate to your course.
  2. Click Grade Setup.
  3. Select a Grading Category.
  4. Select the number of lowest grades to drop from the Drop lowest menu.


If you set one or more low grades to drop from the gradebook, the grades for the materials will still display to the student, however the grade will be crossed out. This means that the grade for the material will not factor into the overall grading category grade, and it will not be reflected in the grading period or overall grade.


The lowest grade that is dropped is determined by the percentage of the grade achieved, not the point value.

For example, if a student received 1 point out of 2 possible points on an assignment and 4 out of 10 possible points on another assignment, the 4 out of 10 points grade will be dropped. This is because 1 out of 2 achieves 50% of the possible score and 4 out of 10 achieves a lower 40% of the possible score.

Note: When setting the lowest grade in a category to drop, one grade will be dropped from that category for each student, even if the lowest grade for a particular student might still be a relatively high grade.



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