Assignments: Submissions Disabled vs. Lock



As a Course Admin, should I Disable assignment submissions, or Lock them?


Both options prevent students from submitting to the assignment. However, the setting you choose will affect any existing submissions that have been made to the assignment.

Lock Submissions

When assignment submissions are Locked, students can no longer submit, but students and course admins can still access and review previous submissions. For example, teachers may prefer this option if they want students to submit to the assignment in Schoology before a specific deadline.

You can choose from the following settings when locking an assignment:

      • Unlocked: Allow submissions.
      • Lock on: Set a time/date after which submissions will not be allowed.
      • Lock now: Do not allow submissions.


Disable Submissions

When assignment submissions are Disabled, students can no longer submit. Additionally, students and course admins will not have access to any previous submissions. Submissions must be Enabled in order for students and course admins to see them again. For example, teachers may prefer this option if they want to track an assignment that is submitted outside of Schoology, such as a presentation or other non-digital assignment.

Note: Even though you cannot see submissions when they are disabled, the submissions have not been deleted. Enable submissions again to gain access to previous submissions.




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