How do I find submitted assignments in archived courses?


Courses become archived after the grading period end date passes. Archived courses do not expire. When a course is archived, Course Admins with permission to view archived courses can view the course in the Archived area of My Courses indefinitely.

Important Notes: 
  • After the end date of the grading period, courses are not archived until a 24 to 30-hour grace period has passed.
  • Depending on the settings in place at your school or organization, Instructors may not be able to view archived courses.

Instructors with permission to view archived courses can view and grade submitted assignments with the following steps:

  • Click Courses in the top menu.
  • Click My Courses.
  • From the My Courses area, click Archived.
  • Click the name of the course section to view the course.
  • Click Gradebook in the left menu of the course.
  • Since individual materials are not visible from the All Grading Periods view, click drop-down menu to select a specific grading period.


For more information on making the course active, see this article on extending grading periods.



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