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What happens if I delete a synced course? Will I be able to pass grades back to the SIS?


If you manually delete a course section that was created by SIS sync, but you do not restore the section before your next SIS sync, a duplicate section with the same Section School Code will be created during the next SIS sync with Schoology. When this happens, the Section School Code is removed from the deleted section, because it is being used by the newly synced section (Section School Codes must be completely unique across all sections and terms). Without a Section School Code, the restored Schoology course will no longer sync with your SIS. 

Unfortunately, there is no way to re-associate the Section School Code with the original section once this has happened. To resolve this issue, you can copy the course materials and grades from the section that was deleted to the new section.

Follow the steps below to complete this process. You can use these links to jump to a specific section of the process:

  1. Restore the deleted section.
  2. Copy Grade Settings.
  3. Copy the course materials.
  4. Transfer grades.
  5. Cleanup.
Important Note: Student submissions are not included when copying materials from one section to another.

Step 1 — Restore the deleted section.

To view a list of the deleted courses, follow these steps:

  1. Click Courses.
  2. Select My Courses.
  3. Click Deleted Courses, to the right of the page.


The information listed in the Deleted Courses area displays the course and section name, as well as the date and time of its deletion.

To restore a deleted course section, follow these steps:

  1. Check the box to the left of the course section name.
  2. Click Restore.
  3. If you are sure you'd like to restore the course section, click Restore

Step 2 — Copy Grade Settings.

  1. Enter the recently restored section.
  2. Click Grade Setup.
  3. Click Copy Settings.
  4. Select the settings you would like to copy in the Select Settings to Copy area:
        • Categories
        • Grading Scales
        • Rubrics
  5. Select the new course section from the Select Course(s) area.
  6. Click Copy to finish.


Step 3 — Copy Course Materials.

  1. Enter the recently restored section.
  2. Click Materials.
  3. Click the gear to the right of each top-level folder or item and select Copy to Course.
  4. Select the newly created section as the destination.
  5. In the Copy to page, click Advanced Settings to configure settings for each graded item in the new section:
        • Due Date
        • Category
        • Scale/Rubric
        • Grading Period
        • Enable/Disable Submissions
  6. Click Copy Folder/Copy Item.
  7. Repeat these steps for all materials.


Step 4 — Transfer Grades.

In order to transfer grades, you must export grades from the old section and import them into the new section.

Important Note: Student submissions are not included when copying materials from one section to another.

Exporting grades from the restored section:

  1. Enter the recently restored section.
  2. Click the three dots icon in the top right corner.
  3. Select Export.
  4. Select export type: Gradebook as CSV
  5. Click Next.


Import grades to the new section:

  1. Switch to the new course section, to import grades.
  2. Click Gradebook.
  3. Click the three dots icon in the top right corner.
  4. Select Import.
  5. Click Choose File and select the file you downloaded above.
  6. Click Upload File.
  7. Use the Match To menus to ensure the imported columns of data match the fields in your new section.
  8. If any errors occur, resolve them based on the feedback provided.
  9. Click Preview.
  10. Review the grades that will be imported and click Confirm to import.


Step 5 — Cleanup.

A few housekeeping steps to ensure that the section is ready for use.

  1. Enter the newly created section and check to make sure all of the materials have been copied over. 
  2. Click Grade Setup and make sure all Grading Periods, Categories, Scales and Rubrics are populated and configured.
  3. Click Gradebook > Bulk EditMake sure that each item is associated with a Grading Period, Category and Grading Scale/Rubric. Ensure that each item is Published.
  4. Click Gradebook and make sure grades transferred from the restored section populate.
  5. Delete the recently restored section so that there is no confusion as to which section should be used.




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