Uploading PDFs with Annotations to Schoology



A student or teacher made annotations to a PDF using Adobe Acrobat. When I view the assignment or PDF in Schoology, I cannot see the annotations. How can I view the annotations in Schoology?


This occurs because edits that are made to the PDFs are on another layer above the original file. The PDF file is "unflattened," causing the added content to be stripped from the PDF upon import into Schoology. This can be resolved by "flattening" the annotated PDF prior to uploading it to Schoology: 

  1. Open the PDF in Adobe.
  2. Click Print.
  3. In the print options, save as a PDF. On Mac, this option is "Save as PDF." On Windows, the option is "Microsoft Print to PDF."
  4. Confirm/save the file as a new PDF.
  5. Upload the new PDF to Schoology.

The annotations made in Adobe Acrobat will now be visible in the Schoology doc viewer.



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