How can I upload editable PDF files to Schoology?



A student or teacher made edits or annotations to a PDF using Adobe Acrobat. When I view the assignment or PDF in the Schoology Document Viewer, I cannot see the annotations. How can I view the annotations in Schoology?


If a student has completed a fillable form PDF or added annotations to the original document, this is added to the PDF as layered content. Only the original layer can be viewed in the Schoology Document Viewer.

In order to display the new layers to the document in Schoology, you can flatten the separate layers to make a new, annotated version of the PDF prior to uploading it to Schoology. To flatten the PDF, use the following steps: 

  1. Open the PDF in Adobe on your device.
  2. Click Print.
  3. In Print Options, save as a PDF:
        • Mac OS: Save as PDF.
        • Windows: Microsoft Print to PDF.
  4. Confirm/Save the file as a new PDF.
  5. Upload the new PDF to Schoology.

Using this process, the annotations made in Adobe Acrobat will display in the Schoology Document Viewer. More options for flattening a PDF can be found on Adobe's website.



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