How are Basic accounts added to my organization? (Enterprise)



Why are accounts being added to our Enterprise organization when students sign up using an access code? There are some student accounts in Manage Users that should not be in our organization.


System Administrators can manage a setting in System Settings to enable student registration into the organization by using a Course or Group Access Code.

register_with_access_code.pngThis setting enables students who Sign Up for Schoology using an access code from a course within your organization to automatically create an account within your Enterprise organization.

If you do not wish for students to create Enterprise accounts within your organization via access code, leave this box unchecked. When the option is disabled, students who try to sign up for an account with the access code will see the following message:


I had students sign up for my Enterprise organization who should be using the Basic version. Can these student accounts be downgraded to Basic?

No. If you wish to remove students who joined your Enterprise organization by signing up with an access code, you must mark their account(s) inactive in the Manage Users area.




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