Can I preview a course as it appears to students? (View Course As)


View Course As

View Course As is a function that enables Course Admins to view courses as a specific member or student would.

How do I use View Course As? 

To use View Course As, click Course Options under the course photo.


Then, you can select a member from the list and navigate the course from their perspective.


Once you have finished viewing your course as that member, you can either enter in another member's name in the banner at the top of the page or click Back to Course to return to your regular view.


Note:  In order to use View Course As, there must be at least one member enrolled in the course. 
  • Enterprise users who would like to use View Course As before their course members have been provisioned should contact their System Admins.
  • Basic users may opt to create a sample student account to enroll in their course.

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Can I submit work on students' behalf using the View Course As feature?


The Submit button for assignments is not available for instructors using View Course As. View Course As does not enable instructors to submit assignments on behalf of students.

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Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive Assignments

View Course As does not work with Google Drive Assignments or OneDrive Assignments. When a student accesses a Google Drive or OneDrive Assignment and clicks My Document, a unique copy of the original Google/OneDrive document is created for the student to edit.

Therefore, if a Course Admin uses the View Course As feature to preview the course and open a Google Drive or OneDrive Assignment, the assignment will display as the Course Admin normally sees the assignment from their own view (including the In Progress and Submissions tabs). Attempts to click the document link from within the assignment will result in a "Private Access Only" message and exit View Course As.

Note: See these articles for more information about the student view in these apps: Google Drive Assignments and Microsoft OneDrive Assignments.

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Test/Quizzes and Assessments 

You are not able to Resume or Start New Attempt for test/quizzes and assessments while using View Course As. As such, neither are you able to submit test/quizzes and assessments for students from this view.


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When I use View As in my course,  I see that my student is getting a different grade than what I have recorded in my gradebook. Why is there a grade discrepancy?

Graded items that have recorded grades but are Unpublished in your gradebook will affect the student’s view, causing this discrepancy. In order for a student’s grade view to accurately reflect what you have in your Gradebook, all graded items must be published.

Review the Bulk Edit article for detailed information.

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