Assessments: What will happen to my Test/Quizzes?



Now that Schoology has rolled out Assessments, what will happen to my existing Test/Quiz materials?


Schoology encourages instructors to utilize Assessments as we continuously add more features. In the meantime, Test/Quiz materials will continue to be available alongside Assessments.

While the long-term plan for Schoology is to expand Assessments and eventually phase out the Test/Quiz feature, we want to ensure a seamless transition for everyone using the original testing feature.

An important feature that will help with this transition is the ability to convert Test/Quizzes into Assessments. This enables long-time Schoology users to migrate their existing test/quiz content to course assessments and minimizes the time needed to rebuild content. 

Other crucial features, such as Question Banks for AssessmentsPrinting Assessments, and the ability to grade Assessments by question are already on our Product Roadmap. In the meantime, we will continue to support Test/Quizzes and provide updates as we continue to build out the Assessments feature.

We recommend that Schoology users click Follow on each section of our Product Roadmap to stay up to date on other key features we're building for Assessments:



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