How do I import grades? (Enterprise only)


Use the Import gradebook feature to import grades into a Schoology gradebook. You will require a CSV or XLS file containing grades and students' Unique User IDs.

Note: If you wish to move grades from one course section to another, click here.


Tips for Importing

  • You must use a CSV or XLS file to import grades.
  • The file must include the Unique User IDs of the students for which you are importing grades. Contact your Support Contact if you're unsure, or you can export the gradebook in one of your courses that contain the desired students to obtain the Unique User IDs. You can also use this export file as a template.
  • Students must be enrolled in the course section prior to importing grades.

Import Grades

To import grades, you will need to match the fields from your CSV/XLS file to those in the gradebook. 

Above, a CSV file containing students' grades.

To import grades:

  1. Within the course section, click Gradebook from the left menu.
  2. Click the menu icon (three vertical dots) in the upper-right corner and select Import.
  3. Click Choose File and select your CSV/XLS file for upload.
  4. Click Upload File.
  5. Match the columns from your file to the corresponding fields in your gradebook:Import_gradebook_match_fields.png

    Use the Match to column to match the following fields:
Name Description
 Unique User ID The Unique ID field in Schoology, which is often a student ID assigned in the SIS
 New Assignment Select this option to create a new column in the gradebook, if an equivalent assignment does not already exist
 Existing Assignments  The sub-fields below Existing Assignments are the names of assignments already in the gradebook
  1. Once you've matched the Unique User IDs and Assignments, leave the other fields blank and click Preview to continue with the import.
  2. Review the Student, Assignment, and Grades for import and click Confirm to complete.



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