Why am I seeing Access Denied in my SIS app?



There are two scenarios in which an instructor might see this message when attempting to access a SIS app, such as PowerSchoolSkyward, or eSchoolPLUS.

Scenario 1


I'm an instructor, and I see an Access Denied error when attempting to access the SIS app from the App Center menu of the Schoology header.


You are attempting to access the system-level SIS app used for provisioning Users, Courses, and Enrollments into Schoology. This app is generally used by System Administrators only. In order to access this app, you must be an authorized administrator for your SIS.


Contact your System Administrator. We recommend uninstalling the app to roles that should not have access to the system-level provisioning app.

Scenario 2


I'm a Course Admin (instructor), and I see an Access Denied error when attempting to access the SIS app from the left-hand menu of a course.


You are attempting to open the SIS grade passback app in a Schoology course that was not synced from your SIS. You can confirm this with the following steps:

  1. Click Course Options to open the menu under the course photo.
  2. Select Edit Info from the drop-down menu.
  3. If the course does not have a section school code, or if there is no question mark tooltip to the right of the Grading Periods field, then the course is not connected to your SIS.

If the course was synced from your SIS, you should see the following message when hovering over the question icon:


It's possible that the course was manually created, rather than synced from the SIS. Therefore, grades cannot be passed back to the SIS from this course.



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