Scheduling an Auto-Import


Setting Frequency and Hour of Import

Schoology is optimized to process imports and exports most quickly between the hours of 7pm to 6am Eastern Time (ET) / 11pm to 10am Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) from Monday to Sunday. We strongly recommend scheduling auto-imports during this window.

To schedule a recurring import, when configuring Import>Auto-Import, select:

  • The frequency of import.
  • The hour when your import will be queued for processing (consider that the actual start time will depend on any other imports queued ahead of your file).

Displayed hours are in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).


Daylight Savings

Note: Important Note: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) does not change for daylight savings time. If you are in a time zone that observes daylight savings time, your scheduled queuing time will simply run an hour earlier or later depending on the season. 


  • You have selected a 6am GMT queue time.
  • Your organization is located in the Eastern Standard Time (EST) time zone.
    • EST runs 5 hours behind GMT during the winter months
      • Your import will queue at 1am EST/6am GMT in the winter months 
    • EST runs 4 hours behind GMT during the summer months
      • Your import will queue at 2am EST/6am GMT in the summer months

If your organization has multiple processes running that need to occur in a specific order, you may want to adjust your set times by hour whenever daylight savings changes.



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