Syncing Custom PowerSchool Roles to Schoology (Limited Availability)


Previously, Schoology admins who added users via the PowerSchool Provisioning App were only able to map two roles in from PowerSchool: Teacher or Student.

With the custom role feature in Schoology, admins have the flexibility to map their PowerSchool custom roles to a Schoology user role, as well.

Important Notes:

This feature is currently in Limited Availability. If you wish to sync custom roles from PowerSchool, contact your Schoology representative.

PowerSchool does not currently support the creation of parent accounts in Schoology via API sync. Use an alternate provisioning method, such as Imports or Parent Access Codes, to provision parent accounts into your Schoology environment.

Before beginning your custom role setup, make sure your PowerSchool server is on version 9.1.1 or later. The custom role setup from PowerSchool to Schoology is not supported for earlier versions of PowerSchool.

Before you begin the custom-role mapping process, go to the Configuration tab and make sure you’re using a supported version of the PowerSchool plugin:

  • Version 10 or later.
  • Version 9.1.1. to 9.2.9. PS_role_config_file.png

PowerSchool User Roles

In PowerSchool, the user’s custom role corresponds to the Default Group in the Admin Access and Roles area.


Mapping PowerSchool Custom Roles to Schoology User Roles


To map PowerSchool custom roles to Schoology user roles:

  1. Go to the Users tab in the Schoology app.
  2. Select the Schoology role from the Schoology Role dropdown menu that corresponds to the PowerSchool Role.
    Note: The Schoology Role defaults to Do Not Sync on first use. Select this to ignore the PowerSchool role when syncing users.
  3. You must map roles for each school in the district.
  4. Click Sync Users to complete the mapping process.
Note: Once you have Custom Roles enabled, do not sync the Staff role. With Custom Roles enabled, Staff now represents the group of custom faculty roles that were configured in PowerSchool. All staff users should be mapped to a specific role within the Staff group, but not the Staff role itself.

Custom Settings

Your PowerSchool custom roles also display in the Custom Settings area of the PowerSchool app in Schoology.




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