Aligning Learning Objectives to Courses

Note: This feature is currently in limited availability. If you are a System Administrator interested in enabling this feature for your organization, please reach out to your Schoology representative.

Once a System Administrator has enabled the Course Learning Objective permission in an environment, educators tasked with aligning curriculum to objectives can add learning objectives to courses in a school.

Review this article in the Help Center for general information on Learning Objectives in Schoology, including which sets are pre-loaded and how you can add custom objectives.

Adding Learning Objectives at the Course Level

To add one or more learning objectives to a Course or Section:

  1. Click Courses in the top menu.
  2. Click My Courses in the upper right corner of the drop-down menu.

  3. Click the pencil icon pencil.jpg in the right margin of the course to which you want to align learning objectives.

  4. In the Edit Course window, click the Select Objectives for Course link.

  5. In the Add Learning Objectives explorer, browse through learning objective sets, and select the objective to add it to the course. You can also search for the objective by title. 

  6. Click Add Learning Objective to add it to the course. After adding one or more learning objectives, click the Selected link in the upper-right to review which objectives you've already added to the course.
  7. In the Edit Course modal, the aligned objectives now appear in the Targeted Objectives field. Click Save Changes to complete.


Viewing Learning Objectives aligned to a Course

Once the learning objectives have been aligned to the course, you can view the aligned objectives in any section of the course by clicking Course Objectives in the left menu of the course:


The Course Objectives page displays the following columns:

  • Objective — The title of the learning objective
  • Type — "Target" refers to objectives assigned at the course-level. Any objectives aligned to course materials that were not assigned at the course-level are indicated by "Other"
  • Materials — The number of graded materials to which the objective is aligned in the section.
  • Description — The description of the learning objective. This column also displays the names of materials in the section to which the objective is aligned and links to those materials.
Note: While Learning Objectives can be aligned for all materials in a course, only graded materials appear in this view.



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