Aligning Learning Objectives to Courses


Once a System Administrator has enabled the Course Learning Objective permission in an environment, educators tasked with aligning curriculum to objectives can add learning objectives to courses in a school.

Review this article in the help center for general information on Learning Objectives in Schoology, including which sets are pre-loaded and how you can add custom objectives.

Adding Learning Objectives at the Course Level

To add one or more learning objectives to a Course or Section:

  1. Click Courses in the top menu and then click See All in the lower-right.


  2. Click the pencil icon pencil.jpg in the right margin of the course to which you want to align learning objectives.

  3. In the Edit Course pane, click the Select Objectives for Course link.


  4. In the Add Learning Objectives explorer, browse through learning objective sets and select the objective to add it to the course. You can also search for the objective by title. Click Add Learning Objective to add it to the course.


  5. After adding one or more learning objectives, click the Selected link in the upper-right to review which objectives you've already added to the course.

Note: While Learning Objectives can be aligned for all materials in a course, only graded materials appear in this view.



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