System Administrators: Enabling the Course Objectives Permission


Support for Learning Objectives in a Schoology course is an important building block for personalized learning that is focused on achievement, not just test scores. The Schoology Course Objectives feature provides educators with a powerful tool to check if existing courses adhere to objectives and to ensure that new courses are developed with an adherence to objectives. This functionality enables administrators and educators to easily map content materials to school, district, or state standards.

System Administrators can follow the below instructions to enable educators in their school or organization to align Learning Objectives to their Schoology courses and sections.

Enable Course Objectives Permission for Roles

Your Schoology Client Success Manager must first enable this feature for your organization. Once enabled, System Admins can enable or disable the permission for one or more roles from their Manage Users section.

To manage this permission:

  1. Click Manage Users in the right menu from your home page.
  2. Click Permissions to open the User Permissions page.


  3. Scroll down to the Learning Objectives permissions in the General section.
  4. Click the checkbox for the Add/edit learning standards on section in the column for the role or roles for which you want to enable the permission.


Click here to review the Educator article on managing the Course Objectives permission.



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