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System Administrator Installation and Configuration Guide

If your school is using PowerSchool to provision users, courses, and enrollments into Schoology, you can install the PowerSchool app to your instructor’s courses to sync Schoology grades to their PowerTeacher Pro gradebooks.

Note: Schoology will also continue to support the previous PowerTeacher Gradebook integration, but PowerTeacher Pro is only supported for PowerSchool version 10 and later.

Install the PowerTeacher Pro App in Your Organization’s Courses

Install the PowerSchool grade item passback app for your instructors in their Schoology courses so they can sync materials and grades from the Schoology gradebook to the PowerSchool gradebook.

Instructors can use the PowerSchool app in courses to determine which categories in the Schoology gradebook correspond with the categories in the PowerSchool gradebook.

To install the PowerTeacher Pro app:

  1. Download the plugin for PowerSchool version 10 from the Configuration tab of the PowerSchool app.
  2. From the PowerSchool Administrator area, select System from the left Setup menu on the Start Page.
  3. Select System Settings from the Server menu.
  4. Select Plugin Management Configuration and then select the Schoology SIS Adapter plugin.
  5. Upload the configuration file to update the plugin. After uploading, you should be on version 1.5.0 of the plugin.
    Note: Do not unzip the downloaded files before installing the plugin. The installation will not work unless the files remain in the .zip file.
  6. From Schoology, go to the App Center in the left menu of the Home page.
  7. Click the Organization Apps area at the top of the page.
  8. Click the Install/Remove button to the right of the PowerSchool app for Admins.
  9. Select the box to install the app to All Courses. We also recommend that you enable the box to make the app available to Course Admins Only.
  10. Submit the form to complete.

Once you’ve saved the form, all courses in your schools that are mapped to PowerSchool will have the PowerSchool grade item passback app for teachers in the left menu of the course profile.

Note: There currently isn't a way to install the PowerTeacher app to specific courses. If there are some sections in Schoology not mapped to PowerSchool, the app will still install in the course. In this case, the teacher can simply elect not to use the app.



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