Logging into the Schoology Mobile Apps


If you already have a Schoology account, you can use the steps outlined below to log in via the Schoology iOS app or Schoology Android app.

To create a new Schoology account, you'll need to open a mobile browser on your device and go to www.schoology.com.

Log in to the Schoology Mobile App  

To log in with your existing account, open the Schoology app on your mobile device:


Step 1 — Tap Find your school or domain to log in through your school or district.  If you choose this option, skip to Step 3.

Note: If you use Google or another form of SSO to log into Schoology, do not tap Continue; but use the search field to Find your school or domain. Check with your teacher or one of Support Contacts if you are uncertain how to proceed.

Step 2 — Tap CONTINUE to log in through app.schoology.com. Use this option if you use the Basic version of Schoology, or if you aren't included in your organization's Single-Sign On method. Some students can also scan a QR Code from this page. Enter your email address and password and tap  Log In to complete.


Step 3 — To Find your school or domain, use the keyboard to enter the name of your school or organization. As you type, matching choices populate in the list. If your school uses a custom domain (URL) on the web version, you can enter the domain in the search field.

Step 4 — Tap the name of your school or organization when it displays. If your school or organization authenticates users with Single-Sign On, the SSO login screen displays automatically. If you use Google or Microsoft SSO, skip to Step 8.


Step 5 — Enter the Username or Email Address associated with your account. If you can't remember the Username or Email Address, check with your teacher or one of your Support Contacts.

Step 6 — Enter the password for your account. You can reset the password if you open https://app.schoology.com/login/forgot from a mobile browser.

Step 7 — Tap Log In to complete.


Step 8 (SSO only) — Follow the remaining steps if you use Single Sign-On. For example, if you use Google SSO, selecting your school in Step 4 automatically redirects you to a Google Log In page, like the one below. Tap the name of the account that you use to sign in to Schoology.


Note: If you select the wrong account in this window, you will have to close the Schoology app and log out of the incorrect Google account from the internet browser on your mobile device before you can complete the login process.

Step 9 — Enter your password and tap NEXT.


Step 10 — Tap Approve to authorize the Schoology mobile app to access your Schoology account. Click Deny if you do not want to authorize the app. You will not be able to use the mobile app until you have approved the app to access your account.


The next time someone opens the Schoology app on the mobile device, the same school or organization displays as the default, including your SSO screen. This makes it easier to log in on your own device and is useful if your school uses shared devices.

Tap the arrow to continue to login through your saved school. To change the school or organization to log into, tap Log in through your School above the search field and begin typing the new name. Matching choices will populate as you type.




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